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Having lived in the UK for many years Heather returned home to Bermuda in 1997.  Along with that move came a career change from a key position with a domestic airline to rentals administrator for a local Real Estate Agency.  It didn’t take long to peak her ambition and she decided to make a career move, into Real Estate.  Having obtained her Real Estate License in 2001 and eventually her Broker’s License in 2007 Heather opened her own Company and hasn’t looked back since.

When the opportunity arose for her husband John to join the company in 2018 it was quickly noticed how well the two worked together as a team.  John, having over 40 years in the Construction Management field from as far away as Canada (from where he originated) to Europe to Bermuda, where he met Heather in 1999 and settled down.  Construction and Property Management go well together and John’s advice and knowledge have been extremely beneficial to Heather and the Company.